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Newsom Touts Major Automaker Complying With Emission Standards

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Sacramento, CA — The parent company of Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep announces that it will voluntarily align with California’s strict vehicle emission standards to reduce carbon emissions.

California announced in 2019 it would require zero-emission or plug-in hybrid vehicles to make up 68% of new car sales by 2030.

Stellantis announced its decision on Tuesday to join others who signed on when the policy was first announced, Ford, Honda Volkswagen, and BMW.

Whether the state’s requirements will be enforceable in 2030 has been up for debate, as there are potential legal challenges.

Former President Donald Trump had also revoked California’s ability to set its own emission standards in an effort to rollback regulations, but it was restored by President Joe Biden in 2022, so the federal government leadership is also a factor

In addition, Governor Newsom says Stellantis will be investing $4 million to build public charging stations in some of California’s rural communities, and at county, state, and federal parks. An additional $6 million will be invested in other states that adopt California’s standards.

Governor Newsom argues, “This partnership with Stellantis will help California achieve our ambitious goals to drastically cut pollution and get more clean cars on the roads.”