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Tax Break Proposed For Home Fire Safety Improvements

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Sacramento, CA — California Republican Senator Brian Dahle is calling for tax credits to be given to homeowners who take steps to make their properties more fire-resilient.

The goal is to clear away vegetation and harden homes.

Dahle says, “Californians are already struggling to afford basic necessities. The credits made available by my bill will cut the cost of wildfire mitigation and incentivize proper forest management. Doing this work saves homes and lives, and safer communities are key to solving our wildfire and insurance crises.”

Dahle adds that Senate Bill 952 would provide a tax credit to make the needed improvements feasible and to encourage defensible space.

It comes in response to a rise in mega fires over recent years and more residents forced onto the California Fair Plan. The 2018 Camp Fire was the deadliest in California history, killing 85 people. Additionally, the 2020 wildfire season saw an unprecedented 4 million acres burned.

Specific details about the bill can be found here.