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Economic Development Planning In Twain Harte

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Twain Harte, CA — A proposed action plan has been drafted that addresses the economic challenges and opportunities facing the community of Twain Harte.

It will be the focus of a meeting planned for Thursday, January 18, at 5:30 pm, at the Twain Harte Community Center at 18775 Manzanita Drive.

At today’s Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors meeting, Robbie Bergstrom, who is overseeing the county government’s economic development efforts, stated, “This (meeting) is to discuss anything, and everything, that the community feels will bring economic development to the area. There is also a draft plan that has been written, after some discussions with members of the community.”

Those who attend will be invited to comment on the plan and give input.

You can read the proposed plan by clicking here.

The document notes that the community has seen a departure of businesses and families, and school attendance has “dwindled significantly.”

Some of the potential action items in the plan are listed below.

1. Develop Local Support and Planning

The success of community initiatives strongly relies on the growth of local support, and cohesiveness within the community is considered integral for progress. The community’s collective desire is to foster the local economy while preserving the picturesque, natural, and tranquil lifestyle that initially drew many of us here. A community group must be formed to discuss ideas to establish a focused growth objective. Then develop plans for marketing programs to effectively showcase and promote the unique appeal of Twain Harte to a broader audience.

2. Infrastructure Improvements

Critical infrastructure enhancements must occur. A primary focus is ensuring residence and visitor safety, addressing traffic concerns, and maintaining public spaces like parks. This includes improving lighting and pedestrian pathways, as well as signage and parking. A possible solution is road improvements with an emphasis on traffic control.

3. Local Regulation

Passing and enforcing short-term rental regulations, particularly on platforms like Airbnb, and ensuring landlord accountability, are necessary to control housing use. Implementing noise ordinances is a potential solution to maintain the community’s peaceful atmosphere.