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Crossover Voting Notifications Arriving In Mailboxes

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Sonora, CA — This week, 6,400 Tuolumne County voters, who all decline to side with a political party, are receiving letters in the mail about crossover voting in the March Presidential election.

Tuolumne County Clerk and Auditor Debi Bautista says voters who decline to join a political party are still allowed to vote in the Democratic, American Independent, or Libertarian primaries, if they choose. There is only one candidate running for President in both the American Independent and Libertarian primaries, and eight candidates are running in the Democratic primary.

The California Republican Party chooses not to allow crossover voting, so voters would have to register as a member of the GOP ahead of the election to take part.

The directions in the mailer note that crossover voting requires an application to be filled out and either returned in person, via mail, or by email.

It is requested that applications be submitted by January 15 so that there is plenty of time to note the changes ahead of ballots being printed and then mailed out during the first week of February.

Anyone with questions about the process can contact the election office at 209-533-5570 or by stopping at 2 South Green Street in Sonora.