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Calaveras Road Rage Incident Ends At Fire Station

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Valley Springs, CA — Some firefighters had to intervene after a recent road rage incident ended with people running into the fire station in an attempt to hide.

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office is providing new information about an incident that led to the arrest of 21-year-old Nicholas Niederbrach of San Andreas. It happened back on December 15 when Niederbrach was driving westbound on Olive Orchard Drive. He was being followed by an unidentified relative in another vehicle.

In the opposite direction came a third vehicle, which allegedly swerved at the other two. The sheriff’s office reports that Niederbrach, and his relative, turned around and chased after the other vehicle.

They caught up near the intersection of Highway 26 and Olive Orchard Road, and the third vehicle reportedly started doing donuts. Niederbrach then passed the vehicle on Gardner Lane and attempted to stop it. The third vehicle then passed Niederbrach, and in doing so, hit an uninvolved truck that was passing through. Niederbrach then allegedly tried to disable the third vehicle by hitting it from behind. The third driver eventually pulled into the parking lot of the Calaveras Consolidated Fire Station where he, and two passengers, ran inside to hide. Niederman and his relative chased behind them, and the firefighters on duty intervened, and along with arriving CHP officers and Sheriff’s deputies, were able to get the incident under control.

Niederbrach was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and reckless driving. No additional names of those involved have been released by the sheriff’s office. Officials note, “The case and all of its components are still under investigation.”