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Sonora Will Create New Process For Alcohol Permit Appeals

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Sonora, CA — In response to concerns raised by the 99 Cents Only store on Mono Way, the Sonora City Council has directed staff to change the appeals process for alcohol-related permits.

The 99 Cents Only store was denied a Type 20 permit from the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) to sell alcohol. The regulating agency relayed to the business that it is due to the high concentration of licenses already issued in that area.

ABC indicated that the only way for one to be issued is for the City of Sonora to declare a “Public Convenience or Necessity (PCN)” ruling for the discount store. The city’s police chief, Turu Vanderwiel, is the designee for such decisions and ruled it did not meet the criteria.

At this week’s meeting, the council directed staff to come up with a new process where these types of appeals will come directly to the council. Since it could take 2-3 months to finalize an ordinance, the 99 Cents Only store will be allowed to make an appeal directly to the city council (in the meantime). The request is likely to be reviewed at an upcoming meeting.