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Almost Time To Move The Clocks Back

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Sonora, CA — Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend, so Californians, and those in most other states, will be moving the clocks back one hour effective 2 am on Sunday.

In recent years there have been state and national pushes to abolish the practice of changing the clocks in the fall and spring. In 2018, Californians passed a ballot measure, Proposition 7, in support of a yearlong Daylight Saving Time. However, other required steps, like the passing of state legislation, and approval from Congress, never materialized.

In 2022, a bill passed in the US Senate to have the entire country transition to yearlong Daylight Saving Time. However, the bill was never placed up for vote in the US House.

Hawaii and Arizona are the only two states that do yearlong Standard Time and do not have to worry about twice-yearly time changes. Any state is allowed to acknowledge Standard Time year-round under the federal Uniform Time Act approved in 1966.