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California Poison Control Offers Tips For A Safe Halloween

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Sonora, CA– Halloween, a much-anticipated holiday for both children and adults, is just around the corner. To ensure that this spooky celebration is a delightful and safe experience, the California Poison Control System (CPCS) has shared a set of “Spook-tacular Tips” for Halloween safety.

Look for any signs of tampering, such as unusual appearances, discoloration, pinholes, or tears in wrappers. Any candy that appears suspicious or is unwrapped should be discarded immediately. In addition, CPCS advises avoiding homemade treats and candies with personal packaging unless you trust the source. For fruit treats, remember to wash and cut them open before allowing your child to enjoy them. If your child comes across unfamiliar candy brands, it’s safer to dispose of them.

When it comes to young children, take extra precautions by removing potential choking hazards like small pieces of candy, gum, peanuts, or small toys. If your child has food allergies, carefully check candy labels to ensure allergens like peanuts, eggs, dairy, or tree nuts are not present.

To create a spooky atmosphere, many Halloween enthusiasts use fog machines. However, these machines use hazardous liquids. Dry ice should never be handled with bare hands, and any gas produced must be well-ventilated to prevent accidents.

In terms of costumes and makeup, opt for non-toxic Halloween makeup for your child and carefully examine the ingredients. Some Halloween makeup products may contain lead or other toxic substances.

For a safe night of trick-or-treating, the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office offers additional safety tips:

  • Always have a responsible adult accompany young children during their neighborhood rounds.
  • When sorting through candy at the end of the night, make sure to discard any candy that is not in its original wrapper or appears to have been opened.
  • Establish a specific time for children to return home.
  • Instruct children to stick to familiar, well-lit areas and stay with their friends.
  • Remind both children and adults to stay focused, put electronic devices down, keep their heads up, and walk – not run – across the street.

For more information on Halloween events and safety, you can visit the event section to discover exciting holiday activities here. Have a “spook-tacular” and a safe Halloween!


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