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Angels Camp Needs To Conserve Water Next Week

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Angels Camp, CA — A significant water infrastructure project will prompt the need for conservation measures in Angels Camp this coming Monday (October 30) through Wednesday (November 1).

The Utica Water and Power Authority will be re-lining 600 feet of water supply canal with concrete to repair leaks and seal cracks. Utica’s water deliveries to the City of Angels Camp Water Treatment Plant will be interrupted, so it is essential that all city customers conserve water during the three-day period. The city will rely on stored water in several small reservoirs.

Requirements for Angels Camp residents during the upcoming period:

1.       Water Use Reduction – Customers are urged to significantly reduce water usage within their homes and businesses during this period. Limit unnecessary water use activities.

2.       Hose-End Sprinklers – The use of hose-end sprinklers (non-in-ground automatic sprinklers) is prohibited during this period.

3.       Construction Water Usage – Any water required for construction purposes can only be sourced from designated fire hydrants and will require a permit from the city.

4.       Essential Irrigation – Only essential irrigation of public landscaping is permitted to maintain the health of trees.

The city reports that water conservation actions are vital to ensure there is an adequate supply during the maintenance project and to prevent the need for further restrictions.