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Summerville Board Trustee Stepping Down

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Sonora, CA — After joining the Summerville Union High School Board of Trustees about a year ago, Trustee Andrea Ransom, who was a former district employee, is stepping down.

Summerville Union High School Superintendent Michael Merrill broke the news on this weekend’s Mother Lode Views that Ransom is retiring. She is moving due to an ailing relative who needs to be taken care of out of state. Merrill said the district is hoping to fill the position through a provisional interview process instead of a special election. He outlined the characteristics that the board is looking for in a candidate, stating, ” I think that the most important thing is that they are going to be willing to work with our existing board, hear from the community, and bring the community’s concerns to the forefront, supportive of the staff and students and programs that we have at the school already, and that we’re always looking to improve our craft, that’s the most important thing.”

Merrill would like to have applications submitted by the end of the month. The board will do the interviews and pick a replacement at the Wednesday, October 11th meeting. He also discussed how classes have been going since the start of school last month and talkrf about upcoming projects, finances, and dealing with a shrinking teacher pool.

Next weekend’s Mother Lode Views guest is Sonora Union High School Superintendent Ed Pelfrey.