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Berryhill: More Spending Won’t Make Housing Affordable

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Sacramento, CA — Mother Lode District 8 Senator and Republican Tom Berryhill shares his views about the new affordable housing measures moving through California’s legislature.

Sen. Berryhill calls the package of bills, SB 2, SB 3 and SB 35, “well-intentioned” but sees the issue as one of economics; a basic supply and demand problem. “California has made it too expensive to build houses, which has led to a shortage of supply.”

Berryhill states, “To promote development, we need to cut red tape and reduce frivolous lawsuits.” He also notes “pet-project” bills pass to ease regulations for big projects like sports arenas but he adds, “I have introduced numerous regulatory reform bills over my years in the legislature and each one of them has been quietly killed.”

Read Berryhill’s explanation about what each of the bills will do and his views about the situation in his blog ‘Housing Crisis’ here.

A related blog by the President of The Tuolumne County Association of REALTORS®, Adam Wilson, is here: “Lack of Affordable Housing: Causes and Consequences” here.

  • Tom Berryhill Speaks On Senate Floor