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36% Of Democrats Want Newsom To Challenge Biden

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Sacramento, CA — While Governor Gavin Newsom has repeatedly said it will not happen, a new Rassmussen Poll reports that 36% of likely Democratic voters, nationwide, would like him to challenge Joe Biden in the Democratic Primary for President.

Most of the national attention has been on the Republican race recently, as Newsom has been adamant that he will not run against Biden, and has praised the President’s reelection bid on multiple occasions. However, some Democrats are questioning whether Biden, who is 80, should step aside at the end of his term.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the only Democrat with national name recognition running against the sitting President.

Breaking down the numbers further, the poll results also note that between Republicans and Democrats, Newsom’s favorability rating is only 37%, while 43% view him unfavorably, and 19% are unsure. The poll results were released the same day that some national news reports surfaced that the Biden-Harris Administration has been voicing some complaints behind the scenes about Newsom’s efforts to debate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on the Fox News Channel, and related efforts to grow his national profile.