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Bears Skip Half Dome Permit Requirements

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Yosemite, CA– In a surprising turn of events, a novel approach to summiting Half Dome has emerged that circumvents the need for a permit altogether: simply be a bear.

Thrill-seeking hikers who manage to secure a coveted Half Dome permit and brave the challenging ascent up the 425-foot cable route are rewarded with breathtaking vistas of Yosemite Valley. However, recent revelations suggest that human adventurers might not be the sole occupants of this iconic peak. Park rangers have recently stumbled upon telltale signs of a black bear’s presence at the summit of Half Dome.

Yosemite’s resident bears, renowned for their adept climbing abilities, have demonstrated their mastery once again by scaling the precipitous 46-degree incline. Their natural prowess eliminates the necessity of the distinctive cable route that human hikers utilize. This observation stands as a potent reminder that practicing bear safety remains imperative across all corners of Yosemite National Park. To ensure the safety of both visitors and the park’s wildlife, it is crucial to store all odorous items securely in bear lockers or bear canisters. For those who must store food in their vehicles during daylight hours, it is paramount that the items be concealed from view, with windows raised and doors locked. Come nightfall, the food must be stashed within a designated bear locker.

And in case it was unclear, the picture, cleverly crafted by Yosemite, contains a digital bear.