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Security Camera Footage Busted Columbia Man For Vandalism

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Sonora, CA – A neighbor helped catch a Columbia man who was caught on security video allegedly vandalizing a vehicle.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office recently received a call from a business owner on the 14000 block of Tuolumne Road relaying that they had video surveillance footage of the suspect damaging their neighbor’s vehicle. Once on the scene, the deputy reviewed the footage and recognized the suspect from prior law enforcement contacts as 60-year-old John Allan Hearther.

The owner of the vehicle estimated the damage to his vehicle at over $3,000 and requested to pursue charges against Hearther for vandalism.

Hearther was located and subsequently arrested near the Junction Shopping Center on Mono Way in East Sonora without incident. Hearther faces charges of felony vandalism and alcohol-related warrants.



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