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A Pair Of Goats And Baby Pot Belly Pig Missing Owners

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Jamestown, CA – Check out the picture in the image box of this darling baby pot belly pig; it and two pigmy goats need your help to find their owners.

A homeowner reported that they found the curious pig in their garage and notified Tuolumne County Animal Control (TCAC). The female pig has become an office favorite, according to TCAC Vet Tech Christina Whitcomb.

“The idea of an office pet pig is definitely crossing our minds because she’s getting lots of cuddles from the staff!, shared Whitcomb, adding, “She’s already made herself at home, and is helping us with our office duties; however, she’s exhausted from all the paperwork and wants to get back home.”

Black baby pot belly pig at TCAC ready to work for her meals
TCAC photo

Shelter officers found a pair of wandering goats off of Tuolumne Road and Patrick Lane. While the two females are safe at the shelter, they would also like to go home. Anyone who recognizes the pig or goats or knows their owners is asked to call 209-694-2730.

Whitcomb gives these tips for owners: “Livestock are pretty independent, especially when grazing and being on automatic waterers. Every night you [owners] should check on them, make sure they’re safe, not going through fences, and predators aren’t getting in there as well.” She added, “Always check with animal control because, I don’t think people would typically call us if their livestock was missing, but, obviously, we get livestock.”

If no owners come forward after three business days, these animals will be put up for adoption at a cost of about $25 each.



  • Wayward goats at the Tuolumne County Animal Control shelter
  • Black baby pot belly pig at TCAC ready to work for her meals
  • Black baby pot belly pig at TCAC shelter