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Watch Your Step As Rattlesnakes Are Prevalent This Time Of Year

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Valley Springs, CA – Local emergency responders are warning the public to watch out as rattlers always start coming out this time of year.

In fact, Calaveras Consolidated Fire (CCF) crews already responded this week to the Gold Creek Subdivision in Valley Springs for their first rattlesnake removal. CCF wants to remind the public to watch where they step and offered these additional safety tips:

  • Be careful around wood piles and areas where snakes will take cover.
  • When you are out hiking, make sure to always watch the trail ahead of you and to check carefully before stepping over rocks, reaching onto ledges, or sitting down on a rock or log.

*Of note, this reporter also already had an encounter with a rattler. While motorcycle riding last weekend, a rattlesnake was trying to cross the roadway. After the car ahead swerved to avoid hitting the snake, it was spooked and with its fangs out and rattler shaking, I had to pass by. Thankfully, it did not strike, and then safely made it across the roadway.