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Rawhide Road ‘Closure’ Rescheduled

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Jamestown, CA — Travelers through Jamestown along Highway 49 wondering what the digital sign saying Rawhide Road will be closed Wednesday is about may now not only stop scratching their heads but also breathe a sigh of relief, for now.

According to Caltrans, PG&E was planning power pole and wires replacement work June 21, which would have minimally caused ten-minute delays on Highway 49 between Mormon Creek and Rawhide roads, possibly a closure of Rawhide Road in the area — and also a temporary outage for customers living in the work zone.

However, PG&E officials are now signaling that the work has been rescheduled for July 12 and could be pushed even further out, depending on the heat and other determining factors. They add that closer to the finalized work date they will provide details as to whether the work will require rerouting traffic as well as planned outages for that day within the work service area.