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Calaveras Sheriff’s Office Fosters Relationships With Youth Through Events

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Calaveras, CA– The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office recently attended three events to foster positive relationships between law enforcement and the youth in the community. The events, “On the Right Track Bret Hart High School”, “On the Right Track Calaveras High School”, and “AG Day”, were seen as opportunities for the deputies to engage with young people, answer their questions, and share information about the career of law enforcement.

The “On the Right Track” events, coordinated by The Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce, aimed to equip young adults with the skills they need to navigate through life by creating real-life scenarios that require each student to engage with organizations that can meet their needs and provide support. The program was designed in partnership with Bret Harte High School, Calaveras Unified School District, Calaveras High School, Calaveras County Office of Education, and the Calaveras County Administrative Offices.

The events occurred on April 13th at Bret Harte High School and April 20th at Calaveras High School. Graduating students were presented with information that required them to make decisions and choices on how to seek services and solutions to fulfill the needs provided in each given scenario. The events provided a learning experience designed to keep youth on the right track as they transition into the next phase of life, while also exposing them to potential career paths as they learn and engage with multiple businesses and organizations.

AG Day was another event attended by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office. It provided an opportunity for students to be exposed to how products and services that are in their everyday lives and homes are grown and made. The event allowed children in the community to have a hands-on experience learning about agriculture in a safe environment.