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‘Jordan’s Law’ Passes State Assembly With Broad Support

Sacramento, CA — Today, a measure seen as an important step toward preventing social media motivated attacks sailed through the State Assembly with strong bipartisan support.

AB 1542, becoming better known as “Jordan’s Law,” is intended to increase the consequences not only for attackers but also any accomplices who aid and abet in the video-recording of assaults such as to share on social media.

The idea came to the bill author, Democratic Assemblymember Matt Dababneh, after a constituent, San Fernando Valley resident Jordan Peisner, was viciously assaulted by a stranger last December while outside a fast food restaurant. A friend of the assailant recorded the incident to post on social media and was not charged. Jordan suffered severe physical injuries, including a blood clot in his brain and permanent hearing loss.

Following the vote Ed Peisner, Jordan’s father, shared, “I am hopeful that this bill will become law and help prevent other families from experience the pain that my family has endured. It is my mission to turn this mess into a message and today’s vote signifies a huge step in the right direction.”

Authored by Majority Leader Calderon, AB 1127, which would require baby diaper changing stations be installed in men’s and women’s restrooms in restaurants, department stores and other frequently visited public buildings and businesses, also made it past the Assembly. Currently, there are no state laws mandating that such places provide diaper changing stations in restrooms, although those that do tend to provide them only in women’s restrooms. The bill now moves to the California State Senate.