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Jamestown Museum Taking Shape

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Jamestown, CA — Workers have laid the foundation for the Jamestown Museum that will eventually house an 1870’s blacksmith shop and other local artifacts in downtown Rocca Park.

As reported here, organizers detailed the plans for the facility. Museum Project Manager, Jim Gormely updates that the cement pad has been poured for the building. Next, he says, “On the pad itself we are going to start framing the building and putting in place the plans for an ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] compliance sidewalk.” The hope is to have the building completed in January of next year. Enthusiastically Gormely says, “We’re on target. The original cost estimate for the building was $60,000. With all of the donations, we are way, way under budget. The community really stepped up and gave us a lot of materials. Folks have also given us a tremendous amount of in-kind labor.”

Once the building is completed, the Tuolumne County Historical Society will put in place all the exhibits. Gormely explains, “So, as you enter the building the whole 30 foot long left-hand side of it will be the blacksmith shop and on the right-hand side will be other historic artifacts and many old pictures from the Jamestown area.”

The hope is to open the museum to the public in late March. However, Gormely indicates it will not have a set operating schedule, “It will be free and probably only open up only when there are major events or on holidays.”

  • Jamestown Museum (Photo shop image of building)
  • Foundation being laid for Jamestown Museum
  • Foundation being laid for Jamestown Museum
  • Foundation being laid for Jamestown Museum