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GOP: Our Nation Must Come Together

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Senator-elect Todd Young (R-Indiana) delivered this week’s GOP address and talked about uniting the country after the results of the election.

Young was Tuesday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”. Here are his words:

“Hello, I’m Todd Young. Last week, I was honored to be elected by the people of Indiana as their next United States Senator.

We live in a representative democracy, characterized by free and fair elections and peaceful transfers of power. After most elections, roughly half of Americans are thrilled with the results; the other half are profoundly disappointed.

The past sixteen months have been contentious to be sure. But our nation must come together as only Americans can. Our principled disagreements must not obscure our shared principles – our belief that every American is an asset to be realized, not a liability to be written off. Now is the time, as Martin Luther King Jr. once observed, to serve as ‘custodians of hope.’

Americans have chosen a new direction for our nation and it’s our duty to help deliver change that improves the lives of all Americans.

In my experience, all Americans—Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between—want roughly the same thing: an assurance that if they work hard they can create a better life for themselves and their families. They want to feel safe in their communities and secure in their future.

But too often, Americans feel like Washington gets in the way and makes fulfilling the American dream too difficult. Washington’s foot-dragging, obstructionism, and overreach must end. Back home in Indiana, Hoosiers put it this way: there is too much Washington in Indiana and not enough Indiana in Washington.

During the 115th Congress, you can expect us to tackle our nation’s challenges head-on.

One of our first steps on this mission will be to create a healthcare system that works for all Americans. Under Obamacare, rates are skyrocketing and insurers are leaving the marketplace. So let’s take the best ideas from both parties and build a new system that is personal, portable, and geared toward quality and affordable health care.

Congress also must take responsibility for our own constitutional duties. Over the past few decades, some in Congress increasingly abdicated their constitutional role of legislating to the executive branch and administrative agencies. Resulting regulations have choked job creation and stunted take-home pay.

Restoring legislative responsibility to the people’s representatives, and away from the executive, through regulatory reforms like the REINS Act will help grow our economy and restore trust in responsive government.

Elections should highlight principled disagreements, but they must not obscure our capacity to cooperate for the common good.

Through a respectful exchange of ideas, and emphasis on shared goals, I am confident we can put many of our disagreements behind us to ensure a better future for all Americans.

Thank you, and may God continue to bless the United States of America.”

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