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Tuolumne County Cooling Center Information

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Sonora, CA — The main Sonora Library building is the spot that Tuolumne County officials have designated to serve as a cooling center over the coming days.

It is open for special extended hours, today through Thursday, from 9am-8pm. On Friday, the hours will return to 9am-6pm. The Office of Emergency notes that anyone who needs transportation to the cooling center can call Tuolumne County Transit at 209-532-0404.

Should you need a cooling center for pets, you should call TC Animal Control at (209)

In addition, the Willow Springs Homeowners Association reports to Clarke Broadcasting that its members will be opening a cooling center (non-affilliated with OES) at least today and tomorrow, from 2:30pm until around 7:30pm, at the Willow Springs Clubhouse. Anyone with questions can contact the Willow Springs office at 209-532-8695.

Tuolumne County OES and Tuolumne County Public Health would like to remind folks to:

• Wear appropriate clothing during hot weather, especially for children.
• Drink plenty of water, stay cool and indoors if possible. Avoid being outdoors during the hottest parts of
the day (10am-6pm).
• Wearing a hat and using sunscreen is a good idea if you plan to be outside.
• It is important to pace yourself when working or exercising in hot weather, drink plenty of water, and
replenish electrolytes.
• If you know of neighbors or friends who might benefit from assistance during the coming hot weather,
this might be a good time to check on them.
• Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstance.
• Practice vehicle safety, secure chains, no dragging parts and check tire pressure to prevent sparks.
• The attached Heat Risk Grid provides guidance on the safety of outdoor activities. Please note that
nearly all of Tuolumne County is within the Magenta range this week.

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