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Forest Superintendent Updates: Fire Season And Projects

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Sonora, CA — Stanislaus National Forest is a popular attraction in the Mother Lode and to get an update on special projects, fire season, and activities in the forest. To get all the details, our guest on this weekend’s Mother Lode Views is Jason Kuiken, Forest Supervisor of the Stanislaus National Forest. He detailed the fire season and notable projects in the forest, like the Good Neighbor Agreement with Calaveras County and the Social and Ecological Resilience Across the Landscape (SERAL) project with Tuolumne County. It is a major forest resiliency project in the vicinity of the Stanislaus River Canyon and will include site-specific treatments across 118,000 acres. The project area is to the south and east of the North Fork Stanislaus River and north and west of Highway 108. It covers portions of the Calaveras, Mi-Wok, and Summit Ranger districts.

“We really have recognized the last couple of decades that mechanical treatments alone don’t always create resilient systems. Prescribed fire alone is a similar thing. What we need to do is have both mechanical and prescribed fire on the same acre in order to achieve the results,” detailed Kuiken.

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