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Protest Held Against Tuolumne County’s Climate Action Plan

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Sonora, CA — There were protesters in Courthouse Park Saturday morning upset about Tuolumne County’s proposed Climate Action Plan.

We reported earlier that the plan is being developed as a component of the county’s General Plan and identifies projected greenhouse gas emissions and looks at proposed policies and actions to reduce emissions. Several community meetings have been held over recent months. Strategies in the plan include encouraging people to walk, bike or use other modes of transportation. It also encourages things like the use of low emission and electric vehicles, improving water efficiency and conservation, and implementing agricultural best practices related to climate impacts.

Many of the aspects of the plan are generic without specifics. Clarke Broadcasting was told by some of the protesters that a big concern is that the wording in the plan is intentionally too vague, and they fear the board members will define related policies later as they see fit.  They also believe the Climate Action Plan is part of a worldwide effort being driven by the United Nations, and they argue that more transparency is desired.

More information about the county’s Climate Action Plan can be found here.

The Tuolumne County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors will be further reviewing and voting on the Climate Action Plan in the coming months.