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Field Poll: Californians Remain Concerned About Drought

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A new statewide poll finds that 62% of Californians feel that the state’s water shortage remains “extremely serious.”

29% of Californians that responded to the Field Poll say it is “somewhat serious,” and 8% feel it is “not serious.” Breaking down the numbers by region, 68% of Northern California residents consider it extremely serious, 60% of Southern Californians and 58% of those in the Central Valley.

74% say it is still “very important” to reduce water usage both inside and outside of homes, 19% feel it is “somewhat important” and 6% feel it is “not important.” When asked how much you or your family has been directly impacted by the drought, 55% say “a great deal,” 27% say “only a little” and 18% say “not at all.”

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