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Sonora, CA – The deadline to be able to vote by mail in the June 7th primary election is fast approaching.

Tuolumne County Clerk and Auditor-Controller Debi Bautista detailed, “Monday, May 23rd is the deadline to register to vote via the internet, by a card, or by coming into the election office in downtown Sonora.”

Voters can still register after that day, but to cast their vote they will need to do it at the election’s office or a vote center.

As of Tuesday, Bautista’s office had received a total of 1,500 ballots, but some had a notable problem – they were not signed. She instructed that those voters be notified and allowed to sign them, and their votes would still be counted.

Regarding turnout so far, Bautista noted,  “The mail seems to be a little low, but I may just be a week off, you know, and next week we’re just going to get bombarded. Sometimes in the mail, we have 1,200 ballots in one day.”

She added that her office has been getting a lot of calls regarding the election and noted that 98 people have come into the elections office to vote as well.