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California’s Snowpack At 111% Of Average

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Sonora, CA — In what is a very welcome sign during a historic drought, California’s snowpack is now above average for this time of year.

The California Department of Water Resources reports that the Sierra snowpack is 111% of average for December 22. The northern Sierra sits at 116%, the central Sierra is 121% and the southern Sierra is 85%.

DWR spokesperson Doug Carlson gleefully says, “We can now say that we are experiencing more than average rainfall and snowfall in California, thanks to these recent storms.”

However, much more snow is needed over the coming months to maintain the current levels, and put a dent in the four-year drought.

Carlson adds, “The storms we are seeing now are what we would typically see in a ‘normal year,’ and we would have eight to a dozen of these storms blowing through the winter months of December, January and February.”

To refill many of the reservoirs to more healthier levels, around 150% of average rain and snow is needed over the next few months.

  • California's Snowpack - 12-22-15