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Butte Fire Recovery Receives Infusion From SRMC

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Sonora, CA — A joint effort with an inspiring backstory has raised $30,000 for Butte Fire relief efforts.

In just over a week, Sonora Regional Medical Center (SRMC) employees, volunteers and medical providers raised close to $9,000, spurred on by President/CEO Andy Jahn’s announcement that SRMC would match their efforts, dollar-for-dollar. The medical center wound up contributing $11,000 to the pot, which further inspired its Roseville-based parent company, Adventist Health, to kick in $10,000.

According to SRMC, a third of the funds were used to assist medical center staff and patients who were displaced or had their homes destroyed by the fire. The remaining $20,000 was channeled to the Resource Connection.

Jahn states, of the efforts, “This is a reminder of the amazing things that can happen when we come together with our community to meet human needs — we are grateful for each person who contributed funds, personal support and prayers to assist families as they rebuild homes and lives.”