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Proposed Bill Calls For Reducing California Workweek

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Sacramento, CA — Two Democratic Assemblymembers have authored a controversial bill calling for a reduction of the standard workweek in California from the current 40 hours to 32 hours.

Authors of Assembly Bill 2932, Cristina Garci and Evan Low, say it would impact companies in the state that have over 500 employees. Assembly Bill 2932 would essentially mandate a shift for many businesses to a four-day workweek. The bill also stipulates that companies would not be able to reduce how much those employees currently make.

The California Chamber of Commerce has come out in opposition, saying it would limit business growth and increase labor costs. The group says businesses are still trying to recover from the pandemic and are already paying higher costs for supplies.

The proponents say it would increase quality of life and productivity.

The bill is being reviewed by committees in the California Assembly. If approved, it would move to the full Assembly and Senate for consideration.


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