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Congressman McClintock Upset About Yosemite Reservation System

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Yosemite, CA — Yosemite National Park is now taking reservations, effective today, for those planning to attend the park during peak hours over the busy summer months.

Yosemite officials recently stated the new system is in response to infrastructure projects underway that will impact traffic, and challenges with things like staffing.

A staunch opponent of the move is Republican Congressman Tom McClintock, who represents the Yosemite and Mother Lode region.

McClintock tells Clarke Broadcasting, “I’m very much opposed to it because it is going to reduce tourism throughout the area upon which all of our local gateway communities depend.”

He goes on to argue, “This elitist mentality that we have to restrict the public to the use of their own public lands is antithetical to the American approach to the national parks and national forests.”

McClintock says he has always favored increased availability of public lands as opposed to decreased, whether it be park attendance or things like issuing grazing permits. McClintock feels the decision in Yosemite is part of an overall movement some people are pushing to restrict access of national lands across the country.

McClintock gave his opinions during the recording of a Mother Lode Views show that will air this weekend on the three Clarke Broadcasting stations. Other topics he will weigh in on include the Ukraine-Russia conflict, inflation, energy prices, border security, federal firefighting efforts, and water projects.