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April Weed Spraying In Calaveras County

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Rancho Calaveras, CA – Calaveras County crews continue to spray weeds and next month will be in the Rancho Calaveras area.

Public Works officials relayed that the annual roadside weed control spraying along county-maintained roads is beginning in CSA 1 Rancho Calaveras, on Monday, April 4th. The weeds are typically sprayed on a 6’ swath of land immediately next to roads twice annually: near the middle to end of February, and again near the middle of April, weather permitting.

The county provided these two steps for property owners wanting to opt-out:

1.    Call Public Works at (209) 754-6401 to place your name and parcel address on the NO SPRAY list, and leave a message confirming:

a.    Your name, parcel #, and physical address (not mailing address).

b.    The approximate location and length of zones on your parcel(s) on which you do not want roadside spraying to occur.

2.    Place clearly legible signs (large enough to be seen from a moving truck) on two (2) locations of your parcel, per no-spray zone:

a.    First sign shall read BEGIN NO SPRAY ZONE.

b.    Second sign shall read END NO SPRAY ZONE.

c.    Note: as all roadside spraying will occur from the right side of the road only, ensure that the first sign encountered by the operator is BEGIN NO SPRAY ZONE.

d.    Sufficient signage shall be visible from the road.  NOTE: If your parcel’s fence line does not directly abut the road, consider mounting your sign to stakes driven dear enough to the road for the operator to clearly see them.

Get answers regarding any spraying questions by calling (209) 754-6401.