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California GOP Releases Plan To Address Homelessness

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Sacramento, CA — Citing that California has spent $17-billion over the past four years on homeless programs, but the issue continues to grow, California Republicans have released a package of legislation.

Assembly GOP Leader James Gallagher called it the ACT (Accountability, Compassion and Treatment) initiative at a press conference this morning at the capitol.

Criticizing the status quo, Gallagher said, “Leaving people with mental illness or addiction to deteriorate on the streets isn’t compassion – it’s the exact opposite. Throwing money at the problem won’t fix it. Neither will small tweaks to existing programs. It’s time for bold changes that will finally make a major difference to one of the biggest crises facing our state.”

He said the “accountability” aspect would require an audit and more oversight of homeless programs. The proposal also calls for streamlining new shelter construction, protecting faith-based organizations that provide services, giving local governments money to increase shelter capacity and providing more mental health treatment programs.

More details on the GOP plan can be found here.

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced a $14-billion proposed homelessness package that he says will create 55,000 new housing units, among other things, over the coming years.