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State Senate Supports Shots

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Sacramento, CA – California’s Senate has given the controversial immunization bill a shot in the arm.

On Thursday, the contentious bill aimed at increasing California’s school immunization rates passed the State Senate. SB 277 would abolish the current personal belief exemption, which allows parents to opt their children out of getting vaccines while attending public schools. The only exemption would be for medical reasons. Sacramento Senator Richard Pan, who co-authored the bill, says it is about protecting children. He states, “The fact is that we passed this bill with bi-partisan support, that we were able to articulate the science that’s supporting it, and also…that the majority of people want this to happen.”

A crowd of those opposed to the bill flooded the capital, all trying to get into the public gallery to listen to the nearly hour-long debate. Pan adds that “with choice comes responsibility.” So, parents who decide not to vaccinate will have to home-school their children, participate in a multi-family private home-school, or use public school independent study that exists in current law and is administered by local education agencies.