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Growing Number Of “Decline To State” Voters

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Sacramento, CA — New voter statistics show that more Californians are shying away from the two major political parties.

It’s only by a fraction, but statewide, the percentage of Californians registered as Democrats decreased 0.7% over the past two years, and the number of Republicans fell 0.9%. However, the percentage choosing “no party preference” increased by 2.7%

The statistics released by Secretary of State Alex Padilla now show that 43% of voters in California are Democratic, 28% Republican and 24% decline to state.

The percentages are much different in the Mother Lode. In Tuolumne County 42% are Republican, 31% Democratic and 20% decline to state. It nearly mirrors Calaveras County, where 42% are Republican, 30% Democratic and 20% decline to state.

  • Tuolomne County Election Office