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Restrictive Teen Abortion Petition Seeks Signatures

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Sacramento, CA – A proponent leading an initiative to prohibit certain medical professionals from providing teen abortions and requiring physician notifications to parents may now petition signatures to make it a ballot measure this fall,

Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced Friday that the proposed initiative had received the following official title from the Attorney General’s office: “Abortion Access Restriction. Parental Notification and Waiting Period for Females Under 18. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.”

In summary, the measure would amend the state Constitution to prohibit certain currently authorized, trained and licensed medical professionals from providing abortions to unemancipated minors. Furthermore, it would require 48-hour advance written physician notifications to parents or legal guardians. Among the exceptions are in the instances of medical emergency, parental waiver or documented parental abuse. A judge may also waive the notice for minors who personally make a court appearance and prove maturity or that it would be in their best interest.

The state’s Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance offices indicate that the measure would bring at least $1 million in state administrative costs; potentially several more millions in other annual costs; and an uncertain net fiscal impact on state health and social services programs. John Smith, the measure’s proponent, must collect 585,407 signatures from registered voters in 180 days in order for it to qualify for the ballot.