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State Regulators Vote To Ban New Gas Powered Lawn Equipment

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Sacramento, CA — The California Air Resources Board formally voted Thursday to ban the sale of new gas-powered mowers, blowers and other yard equipment in the coming years.

Sales of equipment like gas-powered mowers and blowers will be prohibited in 2024, and the sale of new gas-powered generators will end in 2028. Generators are of extra interest in the more rural areas like the Mother Lode which deal with semi-regular power outages during storm events.

Environmental advocates praised the new rules, while many landscaping businesses were adamantly opposed. The state has promised to make at least $30-million available for programs to help landscaping companies purchase equipment to make the transition.

Californians will still be able to use gas-powered equipment, but new products will not be available for sale. California is trying to transition to 100-percent renewable energy sources by 2045. Sales of new gas-powered cars will end in 2035.


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