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McClintock Argues Against Build Back Better Plan

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Washington, DC — Mother Lode Republican Congressman Tom McClintock is very clear in his opposition to the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better Plan.

McClintock ended a two-minute speech on the US House floor this morning by questioning the Democratic leadership. He said, “Build back better? How about you put things back the way they were before you broke them?”

Earlier in the speech, he said, “The latest estimate is $4.9 trillion. That averages about $40,000 per family over the next decade.” He argued it will be paid for by direct taxes, tax-driven price increases, and inflation.

The Biden Administration says some of the costs will be offset by hiring additional IRS agents to investigate alleged tax fraud.

Democrats tout that it funds climate initiatives, and promises to bring down costs for things like prescription drugs and childcare expenses.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she believes the package could pass in the House this week. Its fate is much less clear in the Senate.