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Tuolumne Safe Completes Phase One Of Emergency Alert Siren System

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Groveland, CA — Alert sirens have now been placed in Strawberry, Cold Springs and Groveland thanks to donations received by the local non-profit group Tuolumne Safe.

$120,000 was donated by individuals, businesses and organizations. Tuolumne Safe board member, and local attorney, Mathew Nutting, says, “The installation of these three sirens adds a layer of communication to the residents of the Highway 108 corridor during extreme fire emergencies should other forms of communication fail.”

The sirens are located on property owned by Tri-Dam in Strawberry, the Cold Springs Water Company and the Groveland Community Services District.

$19,000 came from a grant via the Sonora Area Foundation. $10,000 was received from community members who dropped off money at donation sites set up at Miner’s Mart and Around the Horn Brewing. Other notable donations came from TuCare, Robert Kirk, Judy and Roger Haughton, the SAF Community Wildfire Protection Fund, Pat Johnson, Frank and Selly Helm, Terra Vi Yosemite Fund, Jenness Park, Matt Nutting, Coleman & Horowitt, Greg Norys, David and Heidi Cortapassi, Olga Jones, Healy Homes, Cunningham Family, Frederick and Lois Wocott and Charles and Kate Segerstrom.

Tuolumne Safe reports it eventually hopes to expand the installation of sirens to other Tuolumne County communities.