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Update On Calaveras County Child Measles Case

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San Andreas, CA – The investigation into a child with measles in Calaveras County at the end of September has concluded with no reports of others being infected, according to health officials.

While there was the concern of others being exposed as the child had been to local playgrounds and healthcare facilities, which are listed in an earlier article found here, county health officials advise there was no spread of the virus. The case came to light when a local healthcare provider reported the child’s illness to county health officials. The child who was under the age of five and was not vaccinated against measles has recovered.

In a written press release, county health officials stressed, “Cooperation by local health providers is essential in our ability to quickly respond to a potential public health concern.” It also detailed the steps taken during the investigation. First, they determined that initial testing, signs and symptoms of the child were consistent with measles, which prompted an investigation. Then the California Department of Public Health and the public were notified immediately.

After additional testing in coordination with the California Department of Public Health, county health officials stated, “It was determined that the length of time a disease is in someone’s body before they feel or look sick, known as the incubation period, has passed. Any potential measles exposure would have already developed signs and symptoms of measles by now.”

Noting that measles is a very contagious and serious disease, health officials advise it is preventable. They recommend that parents check their child’s vaccination status to make sure it is up-to-date on all childhood vaccinations to avoid any future risks and also check with their health care provider. Click here for the immunization schedule.

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