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GOP: Twenty Years Ago, Our Nation Changed Forever

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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) issued a statement in remembrance of the lives lost in the attacks and the lives lost in the global war on terror.

McCarthy was Tuesday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”. Here are his words:

“Twenty years ago, our nation changed forever. We were struck by the worst terrorist attack on our soil in history. We mourn the thousands of innocent Americans who lost their lives on 9/11 and honor our heroes who gave their lives to save others, those on Flight 93 and the first responders. We witnessed true evil on that day, but good people become heroes in hard times, and that’s exactly how the American people responded. I will never forget how we came together that day and in the days that followed. We immediately resolved to rise together and reaffirm our way of life.

“In the global war on terror, our men and women in uniform performed brilliantly. They kept America free and terrorists away from our shores for twenty years. We continue to be grateful for all the veterans who risked their lives on the front lines. We appreciate their sacrifices, and the sacrifices of their loved ones. We also mourn the thousands of service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our liberty and security. We cannot ever repay this debt, but we can at a minimum do everything in our power to honor their memories and help prevent another terrorist attack on American soil.

“Make no mistake: the world today remains dangerous. The fight to keep our nation safe and strong for generations to come is not over. The years ahead will be challenging. However, the American people proved twenty years ago that we are strong and cannot be beaten down by cowardly terrorist attacks.

“As we remember this solemn milestone, let us stand united once again, recommit to making America stronger and safer, and pledge wholeheartedly to ‘never forget’.”

The “Newsmaker of the Day” is heard every weekday morning at 6:45, 7:45 and 8:45 on AM 1450 and FM 102.7 KVML.

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