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Less For Recyclables

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Sacramento, CA — New Redemption rates went into effect in California. As of Jan. 1, recycling centers started paying much less for containers including wine bottles and milk jugs that do not have a specific redemption value.

The Beverage Container Recycling Center establishes the minimum per-pound rates for each container type: aluminum, glass, plastic and bi-metal. On November 27th they issued a notice  that the rates would change.

An empty beer or soda bottle can still be turned in for a nickel or dime. But under the new law, recycling centers receive only the much-lower, scrap value for containers with no specific redemption value. The Associated Press reports “A load of recyclables that used to be worth $200 might now only fetch $50.”

A pdf document of the new rates is on Rates are set at the beginning of the calendar year and are subject to mid-year adjustments.