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Mounting Pressure For Water Bond

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Sacramento, CA — With the ongoing drought, talk is picking up in Sacramento about the possibility of a bond measure to help California’s water infrastructure.

District 14 Senator Tom Berryhill was part of a contingency that recently took part in a rally on the steps of the Capitol. The event featured speakers from the California Latino Water Coalition and the League of California Cities Latino Caucas. Located behind the speakers was a sign that read “No Water = No Jobs.” Berryhill’s main plea was that any potential water bonds include additional above ground storage.

“This issue is about the people of California, and everybody in this state,” said Berryhill. “This is a very scary situation for California’s largest industry, and certainly the people that rely on it to put food on the table and pay the rent.”

The rally featured several lawmakers, Democratic and Republican, that primarily represent portions of the greater Central Valley region.

Last Friday Governor Jerry Brown issued a formal Drought Declaration.