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Emergency Work Following Rim Fire

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The sale of property, and emergency work post Rim Fire, will be some of the highlights of Tuesday’s Tuolumne County Supervisors meeting.

The Board will vote whether make $145K in emergency improvements to the Ackerson Creek Crossing. The Rim Fire did extensive damage to the watershed of the Tuolumne River and impacted many of its tributaries, including Ackerson Creek. Hydrologists from the Forest Service have evaluated the effects of the Rim Fire on storm water runoff, and are projecting the Ackerson Creek runoff to be around three-times its normal rate. If this occurs, there is a high probability that the storm water will wash out a stretch of Evergreen Road.

The loss of Evergreen Road would impact several entities, so the project would be a joint effort between the county, Stanislaus National Forest, Yosemite National Park and San Francisco. It would start on November 13th and should be completed by November 28. The county will vote whether to suspend the competitive bid process because of the emergency nature of the work, and award the contract to Ford Construction. It would require a 4/5 vote.

The County will also vote whether to sell a .45 acre piece of property on North Sunshine Road to the company McDonald Machine (MMI). It is located just north of their current plant. County documents state that MMI is one of the county’s “hidden gems” and specializes in machining metals and parts used by businesses around the world. For example, MMI machines parts that are used in surgical robots, and one of their largest customers for this product is based in San Francisco.

Tuesday’s meeting begins at 9am and it will be streamed live in the multimedia section of