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Tuolumne Supervisors Concerned About Proposed State Building Regulations

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Sonora, CA — New state building restrictions that could be approved next week for high fire risk areas have the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors very concerned.

The supervisors have sent a letter to the Board of Forestry arguing that the changes would have “dire consequences” and effectively prohibit residential construction and business expansion in large parts of Tuolumne County.

The big concern is that the state wants to mandate that improvements be completed on roads that are deemed “substandard” before new projects in already permitted areas can move forward. It could effectively price people out of doing development in many parts of the county, especially when it comes to people just wanting to build a single-family home, or start a new small business. The supervisors are also concerned about the quick speed the state is moving on the issue.

The board has approved sending chairman Ryan Campbell to speak at the meeting this coming Monday on behalf of the county.

Campbell says, “It feels as though there is a view (at the state level) that people who live in communities like ours should find someplace else to live.  And that to me is unacceptable. We like living here and we have vibrant and thriving communities. I don’t think that legislation like this should be the way that we force ideals on communities that already exist and have found their own place in the world.”

For more information on the topic, click here to view the board’s letter that was just submitted to the state.