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Tuolumne City Water Usage Alert

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Tuolumne City, CA — TUD is asking residents in the Tuolumne City area to immediately turn off their outside watering systems. Water Officials say too many people have their hoses turned on and it is draining the system creating a more serious threat.

General Manager Pete Kampa warns, “We’re asking that just so we can keep our tanks full in the event that there’s the need to do structure fire protection in the community. We want to make sure we have adequate water supply in both quantity and pressure. If people are irrigating that tends to take away water that could be used on a fire.”

Kampa notes the water treatment system was not designed to keep the system full when everybody in town is using their sprinklers and the firefighters are tapping into the hydrants. He stresses this is just a precautionary measure at this time and that the water tank is not at a critical level.

The Sherriff’s Office is also notifying residents to stop watering down their roofs saying there is no evacuation notice at this time for the Tuolumne City area.

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