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California To Soon Start Reopening Theme Parks And Stadiums

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Sacramento, CA — Large theme parks, and spectator events at stadiums, can restart next month.

The state’s public health department has released revised guidance.

Dr. Mark Ghaly, Secretary for the California Health and Human Services Agency, says, “With case rates and hospitalizations significantly lower, the arrival of three highly effective vaccines and targeted efforts aimed at vaccinating the most vulnerable communities, California can begin gradually and safely bringing back more activities, especially those that occur outdoors and where consistent masking is possible.”

For example, counties in the purple tier can start allowing up to 100 people at events starting April 1st. When the county drops to the red tier, capacity will be limited to 20-percent, in the orange tier it can be 33-percent and the yellow tier can be 67-percent. For all of the tiers, attendance will be limited to in-state visitors. Concession sales will be primarily “in-seat” and there will be no “concourse sales.”

Meanwhile, amusement parks can only open in the red tier and capacity will be limited to 15-percent. When a county drops to the orange tier it will go to 25-percent and the yellow tier is 35-percent.