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National Weather Delays Vaccine Shipment To Tuolumne County

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Sonora, CA — While Tuolumne County Public Health typically distributes COVID-19 vaccine at clinics held each Tuesday and Thursday, there is only one planned for next week.

There are concerns that 1,100 doses currently in shipment will not arrive by Tuesday.

Tuolumne County OES Coordinator, Dore Bietz, says, “The national weather that is happening throughout the east and Midwest impacted the shipment from the federal side to the state.”

They are still planning to hold Thursday’s distribution event. Those who are eligible and selected to receive the shot are notified ahead of time.

Of note, 625 doses were administered at a similar distribution event yesterday.

Officials are still working to integrate all of the local COVID-19 vaccine signups with the state’s MyTurn website, so that by March 7 there will be a centralized location for the information.

In other related news, plans are already in place to offer the vaccine through CVS and Rite Aid, as reported earlier, and Bietz says that Tuolumne County Public Health is currently in conversations with Safeway, and will soon be reaching out SaveMart, to help coordinate more vaccine distribution.

The state of California reports as of this morning there have been 6.9 million doses of the vaccine distributed including around 10,700 in Tuolumne County and 8,640 in Calaveras County.

Additional vaccine-related info can be found here.