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McClintock Says Vote Counts Of States Should Stand

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Sonora, CA — Congressman Tom McClintock, a Republican, who represents the Mother Lode says he is concerned about the “integrity of the vote” during the recent Presidential election because of the switch to mass vote by mail.

However, he says he opposes action by Congress to overturn the vote count of the states.

While noting he feels the system “invites fraud and incubates suspicion of fraud,” he says, “No one has ever claimed that ours is a perfect system.  It is merely the best we have yet been able to design.  And until we come up with something better, we owe it to our country, our constitution and our posterity to stand by it and to respect its outcome, despite our wishes and suspicions.”

You can find a new blog authored by McClintock, entitled, “Respecting an Imperfect System,” by clicking here.

A group of 11 GOP Senators, led by Ted Cruz of Texas, have stated that they plan to challenge the results certified by several states later this week.