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Calaveras County Students To Distance Learn Before Winter Break

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San Andreas, CA — Calaveras County Schools have decided to switch to distance learning before their Winter Break due to the increase in COVID-19 cases. As reported here there were 54 new cases since Tuesday’s update. Since last Friday there have been 86 new cases.

Calaveras County Superintendent of Schools Scott Nanik says “In consultation with our health department we have been looking at the dramatic increase in COVID numbers across all our sectors and especially in schools and the numbers are growing at dramatic rates.” Describing it as becoming a very real challenge to stay ahead of the cases that were developing, Nanik notes COVID-19 cases weren’t spreading at schools, they were developing outside of schools but coming into the schools because kids were showing up sick.

The plan is to create a break to give a three-week window for things to clear out. The decision was made by Calaveras County independently but Nanik says he knows Amador has made a similar decision. He says, “While the children are not the most vulnerable to the disease, school staff members are extremely vulnerable and we need to take care of both groups of people.”

Statewide on December 27 projections for the next 4 weeks will be reviewed. Recommendations will be made related to the Stay at Home Order and each week in January it will be reviewed based on new 4 week projections.

Nanik says “If we do our job and wear our masks and try to social distance and avoid groups as much as possible maybe we can get a break and get this back under control quickly.”

The county plans for Calaveras students to return to in-person learning on Monday, January 4th.