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Local Lawmakers Give Pointed Reaction Governor’s Stay At Home Order

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Sacramento, Ca — Mother Lode Congressman Tom McClintock, and Senator Andreas Borgeas, are reacting to Governor Gavin Newsom’s plan to implement regional stay at home orders.

We detailed the new directive yesterday which breaks the state into five different regions. A stay at home order will go into effect if 85-percent of the ICU beds are being utilized. Click here to view an earlier story.

“There is no question that California’s COVID-19 cases are surging,” says Senator Borgeas, a Republican who represents District 8. “However, if the Governor is going to shut down sectors of the economy, then California’s projected surplus must be used to keep businesses afloat and people working. Nobody likes this situation we are in, but California leaders need to step up and protect public health and the economy.”

Borgeas is calling on lawmakers to approve a bill he will introduce, entitled the “Keep California Working Act,” which would spend $2.6 billion (10-percent of projected surplus) on grants for businesses.

Mother Lode Congressman Tom McClintock, a Republican who represents House District Four, offered more pointed criticism in a speech yesterday on the House floor. He specifically mentioned Newsom’s directive, and stated, “Not to worry:  We are cheerfully assured that the jobs that are being destroyed are “non-essential.”  Their term, “non-essential.”  I have news for these self-absorbed elitists: If a job is putting food on your table and a roof over your head, that job IS essential for you and the family that depends on you.”

McClintock said that people should be able to use their own judgment on where to go and argued businesses should not be forced to close.